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Down Town specialize in trading in new and used Genuine Harley-Davidson® motorcycle parts as well as maintenance, servicing, customization and damage repairs of your Harley. We are a walk-in shop, whose interest is in preserving the heritage of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Most of our used parts are for Twincam and Evolution engine motorcycles. We prefer Genuine Harley-Davidson® parts for customizing and repairing your Harley motorcycle. They are designed and made to fit your Harley perfectly. No machining or modifications to your Harley and parts, just bolt them on. If you want to customize your Harley motorcycle, please browse through our inventory of Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories. Harley-Davidson® continuously improve their motorcycles. When a part wears out or breaks, we can always fit the best updated part for your Harley. Our website is continuously being updated. If you are looking for something specific that is not on the website, please send us an email with your Harley's VIN number, part number or description and photo (if possible) and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you have any Harley motorcycle parts that you no longer require, please contact us as we are always looking to add more parts to our inventory.
Regards Alex, Mandy & Jack

Some items you might be interested in

Fender Rear, 60132-08DH 60132-08A
Fender Rear
60132-08DH 60132-08A
R 0.00
Exhaust Mufflers Screaming Eagle, 65178-05
Exhaust Mufflers Screaming Eagle
R 4,800.00
Fender Rear, 59634-72
Fender Rear
R 4,500.00
Fender Stud Plate, 59147-99
Fender Stud Plate
R 55.00
Recent Specials
Sale Harley-Davidson, Wheel Laced 21 Inch Front, 43671-81
Wheel Laced 21 Inch Front
R 4,100.00
Sale Harley-Davidson, Backrest Short FLSTN, 53928-05
Backrest Short FLSTN
R 1,000.00
Sale Harley-Davidson, Pad Pillion Kit, 51827-05
Pad Pillion Kit
R 1,000.00
Sale Harley-Davidson, Wheel Laced 19 Inch Front, 43312-84
Wheel Laced 19 Inch Front
R 4,100.00